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CRS Medical Staffing&Solutions is a full-spectrum provider for Travel, Per Diem, Permanent and Allied Professional Nurses. At CRS we seek and strive to be recognized as the industry leader in all facets of staffing solutions ranging from Contract Staffing, Per Diem Placements Permanent Placements to managing solution driven engagements. We at CRS work hard to build and establish relationships with our Nurses and Clients that is focused exclusively on mutual trust and respect for everyone's, knowledge, experiences and most importantly desires.

"They have helped out our hospital system immensely by supplying us with many nurses from all over the states with all different skill sets"

-Supervisor At University Hospital

"In working with CRS Medical Staffing & Services, I have found that they are very cooperative in meeting training requirements. When there are any issues with the staff that they match, they deal with the situation immediately. The staff that they pick to match to the needs of the facility are well qualified and need little orientation other than to the facility."

Beth Varner RN BSN Director Of Nursing Support Services

Nurses Are Smart!!

Nursing school is no bed of roses! It takes commitment, it takes drive, it takes patience and it takes a lot of intelligence!! Remember, if your Nurse is a Nursing School Grad then he or she has learned a whole new language called Medical Terminology!

Nurses Have Patience!!

I don’t care who you are, as human beings we all require the person that loves us the most to have patience with us from time to time. Date, Marry or be Best Friends with a Nurse, because they tend to have the patience of a saint!!

Nurses Are Great Listeners!!

What do Nurses do all day long? They listen to people. People who complain about everything from how their hemorrhoids are flaring up to the pain in their ears. So, who better to be in a relationship with then someone who has learned the art of actually listening?

"I would like to recognize CRS Medical Staffing & Services for their excellence in providing travel employees to hospitals that face staffing shortages. CRS Medical Staffing & Services has provided my department with numerous nurses to fill my staffing needs. In this time the level of professionalism and proficiency exhibited by the employees of this agency is second to none. The nurses that have worked in my department have been highly skilled and knowledgeable"

-ED Nurse Manager UH Bedford Hospital


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