CRS Medical Staffing&Services is here for you!

At CRS MEDICAL STAFFING&SERVICES we take the time to study and understand what the industry is offering nurses, so we can to bring our best to you. Whether you’re a new or seasoned traveler, we stay on top of what the industry is offering.


CRS MEDICAL STAFFING & SERVICES is here to listen and help in any way to make your life a little easier. We are available 24/7 to help you with any needs that may arise. You can be assured that with CRS Medical Staffing&Services, that your call will never be left unanswered. You work hard for us and we guarantee that we will work equally as hard for you. Our Travel Nurse Consultants often can customize contracts to better suit your needs. We appreciate ALL feedback, as this is what makes us a better company for all of our nurses and staff.


Being in the medical field, we understand things happen. No need to stress when it comes to the topic of disability. CRS MEDICAL STAFFING & SERVICES offers short and long term disability plans. We provide the assurance you need to feel comfortable in any situation that could occur.


At CRS Medical Staffing&Services we offer plans from basic to full coverage and plans to cover your entire family. Your health package can include dental, medical, and vision.


There can be many perks to traveling such as a new area to explore, new people to meet, unique experiences. With CRS MEDICAL STAFFING & SERVICES we like to offer an extra bonus! Some Travel contracts can come with up to a $1000 bonus, or refer a friend and earn an extra $250 or receive a bonus for accepting an extension! We at CRS Medical Staffing&Services love paying our nurses bonuses, as it shows our commitment to you.


Where you decide to take your assignment, will be where your temporary home will be! Our Concierge Service and your Travel Nurse Consultant will help you pick what fits you and your needs. We will be with you every step of the way.


CRS Medical Staffing&Services offers at no additional cost a $20,000 life insurance plan when you take a contract with us. This helps provide you with a little extra piece of mind.


Although travel nurses sometimes jump from location to location, our retirement plans are for you to better prepare for your future. CRS MEDICAL STAFFING & SERVICES matches your retiremen plan up to 4%! Even if your time ends with us, your retirement plan goes with you.


The end of a contract is always a stressful time for travel nurses. We at CRS MEDICAL STAFFING&SERVICES carry the stress for you. Near the end of your contract we have our staff reach out and ask if the client would like to extend your contract, per your approval. Almost all of our nurses receive an extension immediately. Extension bonuses are given to our nurses just for staying with us. We will take care of everything!

Contact a Travel Nurse Consultant today to make the first step!!

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