Getting Started


Obviously securing that assignment as quick as possible is key. By being organized you can significantly speed up your ability to secure that opportunity. When you initially start onboarding with CRS MEDICAL STAFFING & SERVICES, we need all of your paperwork as well as our own testing completed. Successful travel nurses keep up to date on their immunizations, certifications, licensing deadlines, and employment history.


Call us and speak with a Travel Nurse Consultant without any pressure and learn what CRS MEDICAL STAFFING & SERVICES has to offer you. Getting to know each other, helps us help you and helps us identify what opportunities will best suit you. A Travel Nurse Consultant can give you the application and paperwork to get started or you can just click on APPLY NOW on our website. Our Travel Nurse Consultants are here to listen to your needs and desires, and to help you plan your next or new Travel Adventure!


Let us hear about your excellence in your specialty or specialties, this helps us market and promote you to our clients and get you that assignment that you want. We will need copies of all your certifications, contact information, licenses, immunizations, references, resume, and of course any letters of commendation. This is where being organized as a travel nurse is key. CRS Medical Staffing&Service's has implemented cutting edge technology that makes the onboarding process a cinch, even if you’re on the constant go, as we are mobile friendly. Most experienced travel nurses keep all their paperwork ready to go on their computer to ensure a quick onboarding process.


We at CRS MEDICAL STAFFING & SERVICES have invested significantly in the latest technology that makes the onboard and job search process, a breeze. Our orders are updated daily and it will look for ones that will best match you. Our Travel Nurse Consultants will use your credentials to find a contract that fits your scope of practice and will contact the hospital for you upon your approval.


After we have submitted you to the opportunities that we have agreed upon, you most likely be contacted for an interview. We want you to interview with multiple hospitals and see which best suites you. This is the final step before a contract is sent for your review and a start day is set up. Having letters of recommendation is a great way to show your past success.


We would like to Welcome you to come and experience becoming a Travel Nurse with CRS MEDICAL STAFFING & SERVICES. We want you to know that we are here to help you every step of the way. We will search for your housing prices, attractions in the area, events, things to do, local restaurants and grocery stores, and much much more! Once you are settled in, expect to hear from your Travel Nurse Consultant to see how things are going! Before your contract is up we will take care of applying for your extension and if no extension is offered, we will immediately get to work on finding you your next adventure! We are committed to making sure that your experience with CRS Medical Staffing & Services is a memorable. That’s our commitment to you.

Contact a Travel Nurse Consultant today to make the first step!!

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