Smartphone Apps

Smart Phone Apps for the Nurse On-The-Go

Check out the list of apps we’ve put together to help make your travel nurse assignment as fulfilling (and stress free) as possible! Some of the apps help simplify traveling on the road (even when traveling with a pet), others help you take advantage of your surroundings while you are on your assignment, and there are some to help you stay in touch with your friends back home. We’ve also included some apps that provide clinical resources. Scroll down to read about all of them, or click on the area of interest below:

  • Finding Housing

  • Managing Your Money

  • Discovering Your New City

  • Getting There

  • Enjoying Music

  • Getting Some Sleep

  • Clinical Resources

  • Scanning Documents

  • Staying In Touch

Let’s Go!

SuitcaseWhether packing or just getting to your assignment – or around your new location – here are some fun apps that will help you get to your destination/s safely, quickly, and with all of your belongings!

PackPoint: Input your gender, destination and expected activities, and it makes your packing list. For Android or iPhone.

TripIt: Plan your trip to your facility and manage your adventures during your time off with this easy-to-use app. Track upcoming getaways, set reminders, and adjust your packing list. The app even allows you to keep your friends updated online with your latest adventures! For Android or iPhone.

Location Log: Location Log lets you save your favorite Google Map locations and easily navigate to them – like to your new facility back to your new home. For Android only.

Waze: This crowd-sourced app pulls data from other users as they commute, suggesting faster routes so you can avoid heavy traffic. For Android or iPhone.

Finding Your Own Housing (optional) or Taking a Trip?

HotelBringing a dog? Taking a short trip? Here are some apps to help you find places to stay.

Expedia: Book flights, hotels, rental cars and more directly from this app, with savings built in. For Android and iPhone.

Airbnb: Find friendly, affordable places to stay anywhere in the world and reserve from your phone. For Android and iPhone.

DogHotel Tonight: This is an app for finding the very best hotel deals when you are looking for one – even at the last minute. Might sound simple but, trust us, this app can be a lifesaver! For Android and iPhone.

BringFido: Find the hotels and attractions that welcome your best canine friend. For iPhone only.

Managing your Money and Expenses

MoneyThese apps will simplify your money management details – even when you are on the road.

Good Budget: A digital “envelope system,” Good Budget syncs across devices to keep you on top of personal finances. For Android or iPhone.

Mint: Manage all your bills, accounts, credit cards and investments from one location. For Android or iPhone.

Expensify: Keep track of all of your expenses with this app. Expensify allows you to sync your bank accounts and credit cards to track all your spending in real-time. Take pictures of receipts for easy recordkeeping, and plan ahead for future expenses. As a traveler, it’s important to keep on top of your expenditures and track your spending. Now you have an easy way to do it! For Android or iPhone.

ADP: Stay connected with our accounting department and enjoy direct access to your timesheets, schedule, payment history and more. For Android or iPhone.

Mobile Banking Apps: Be sure to ask your bank if they offer an app to help you manage your money, pay your bills, or even receive travel alerts – all while on the go. Wells Fargo, PNC, Bank of America and Capital One are just some of the banks offering these apps.

Scanning Documents

CopyAvoid the hassle of using copiers and fax machines with these apps.

CamScanner: Every document, receipt and scribbled note can be instantly saved and shared. For Android or iPhone.

Tiny Scanner: Tiny Scanner uploads and save your scans and even faxes them. For Android or iPhone.

Settling In To Your New Town

RestaurantFind restaurants and top tourist sites by checking out these apps.

Yelp: Do filtered searches for restaurants near you, read millions of reviews, make reservations and more. For Android or iPhone.

Foursquare: Every city is now in your hand. Tell it the experience you’re looking for, and it does the rest. For Android or iPhone.

AroundMe: The app provides a list of every business located near you, in many categories. For Android or iPhone.

BeachGoby: Take advantage of everything your new location offers with an app that shows you all of the fun activities taking place in your new city. Concerts, restaurant specials, attractions — you name it. If you are up for something fun, Goby will help you find it. For Android or iPhone.

Trip Advisor: This app makes you feel right at home by providing a list of top tour attractions and restaurants to enjoy. For Android or iPhone.

Relax and Enjoy Your Music

Music There’s nothing like a familiar playlist to help you feel right at home!

Pandora: Input your favorite artist, song or genre, and Pandora creates a personalized station. For Android or iPhone.

Spotify: Stream any artist, album or song for free. The premium version lets you download them for offline listening. For Android or iPhone.

Getting a Good Night’s (or Day’s) Sleep

SleepSleep Machine Lite: Need some relaxation help? Whether after work or in between shifts, this handy app allows you to snooze to the sounds of the beach, rain, chimes or many other soothing sounds. For Android or iPhone.

Staying in Touch

Social MediaKeep in touch with social apps like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram – or other apps like these:

Postagram: Want to make your friends jealous of your travel adventures and creativity? Then get this app which allows you to take photos of your latest journey, turn them in to beautiful postcards, and send them – via snail mail – to your family and friends. For Android or iPhone. This social media app for nurses is the mobile version of the nurse forum website, It’s the same concept: blogs, forums, and input from nurses in all specialty areas all around the country. For Android or iPhone.

Code Happy: Code Happy is a mobile nursing community app that easily allows you to connect in a caring way with other nurses. Have a bad day? Code Happy – which allows you to send and receive supportive messages – can help make it better! Use this app to network with nurses in your area and make new friends! For Android or iPhone.

Clinical Resources

NurseHonest, we really haven’t forgotten why you are traveling – it’s for adventure AND to show your new facility what a high quality professional you are. Here are some apps for that:

Nursing Drug Handbook: The Nursing Drug Handbook is a resource for all nurses to get quick and easy access for their everyday nursing information. For Android or iPhone. (Purchases may be required on some of the offerings.)

Nursing Central: Unbound Medicine’s award-winning app is used as a study source of disease, drug, and test information for nurses. For Android or iPhone. (subscription based)

Medscape by WebMD: One of the most used healthcare apps available, Medscape provides medical news, alert, and articles. It allows users to check clinical references, procedures for treating diseases and conditions, and even provides medical calculators. And for the nurse always trying to get one step ahead, this provides information for continuing medical education. For Android or iPhone.

Diseases Dictionary: Completely FREE medical dictionary app containing medical disorders and diseases with detailed definitions, symptoms, causes and treatment information. For Android or iPhone.

Critical Care ACLS Guide: The Critical Care ACLS Guide is the smartphone’s response to a classic, twenty-year-old booklet that helped nurses check doses and interpret EKGs. The app provides immediate access to critical information, detailed illustrations and features including quick navigation, expanded search capability, calculators and custom bookmarks. This app is available for $7.99. For Android and iPhone.

Merck Manual: The oldest and continuously updated medical textbook, the Merck Manual is free on iTunes and through Google Play. This app includes “How to Do” videos on a number of outpatient procedures and physical examinations; quizzes that check knowledge of medical disorders, symptoms and treatments; and editorials written by top medical experts. Warning: This app can take a long time to download and some users report it is difficult to navigate. For Android or iPhone.

For access to more apps for your profession and even apps for specific specialties such as Peds, ER and MedSurg, check out: 2017 Best Nursing Apps.

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